Geothermal Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps allow homeowners to heat their homes via utilising the unlimited heat stored in the ground. They operate on the principle that the earth beneath the surface remains at a constant temperature throughout the year, and that the ground acts as a heat source in winter and a heat sink in summer. We have installed more than 1000 ground source heat pumps all over Ireland, ranging from 4.5kW to 4500kW including heating, cooling and hot water installations. We supply ground source heat pumps from the following manufacturers:



Founded in 1980, Waterfurnace international’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Indiana, USA.

We at Alternative Heating & Cooling have been using Waterfurnace heat pumps since the company started in 2001 and have over 1000 machines installed nationwide. The machines are very efficient and reliable and we here at AHAC know the machines inside out !

Features of WaterFurnace Heat Pumps
  • Designed to operate with entering source water temperatures of –1ºC to 43ºC.
  • Heated or chilled water (or process liquids) from the same machine.
  • Modularized design for optimum capacity matching and staging.
  • Stackable for space conservation.
  • Water Heating to 55ºC
  • Water Chilling to -12ºC
  • High cooling and heating COPs.
  • Long-life hermetic compressors.
  • Reliable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Economical





For more than 30 years the name Weider is connected with excellent heat pump technology. Manufactured in Austria, these are the most efficient high quality heat pumps currently available on the market.

Features of Weider heat pumps
  • Designed to operate with entering source water temperatures of –6ºC to 20ºC.
  • High heating and cooling COPs
  • Very quiet system.
  • Stackable for space conservation.
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable
  • Scroll compressor.
  • Plate heat exchanger is nickel soldered for groundwater system and copper soldered for brine systems.
  • Plain text LCD display

The control of the Weider heat pump

The electronic control is contained in a separate enclosure. This makes the Weider heat pump exceptionally easy to maintain. Should, against one’s expectations, troubles during operations arise, the electronic control unit can be replaced easily.

The intelligence of the heat pump controls the supply temperature using an outside sensor, thus it works controlled by atmospheric conditions. The heating curves are updated automatically. Sensors, installers, operation and service manuals are included in delivery.


The tripping device consists of a main control switch for four operating methods (circulation pump, cold water feed pump, summer operation and winter operation) as well as a plaintext LCD display which guarantees a very easy handling.

Additionally, the electronic device controls your solar heating system, provides time schedule programmes for boiler and heating and can managed if desired by a GSM mobile phone.





Manufactured in Canada, the Nordic W series units are high efficiency two stage geothermal heat pumps with R410A refrigerant. This product is designed to produce large quantities of hot water. It is very popular for use with concrete in floor heating systems, swimming pool heating, or any other application where large quantities of hot water are required.

Features of Nordic Heat Pumps

  • Bronze head domestic hot water circulation pump
  • Bi – flow filter drier
  • Copeland Scroll compressor
  • 4 way reversing valve
  • Sight glass and suction accumulator
  • Vibration absorbing compressor feet
  • High and low refrigerant access ports
  • High efficiency Turbotec coaxial heat exchangers-Copper or CuNi available

Nordic Brochures

W series brochure

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