Product Range

Geothermal Heat Pumps

  Waterfurnace Founded in 1980, Waterfurnace international’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Indiana, USA. We at Alternative Heating & Cooling have been using Waterfurnace heat pumps since the company started in 2001 and […]

UnderFloor Heating

Why Underfloor Heating ? Underfloor supplies a pleasant comfortable heat that is distributed evenly around the room, eliminating hot and cold spots, without drafts and no unsightly radiators which frees up space for furniture. The […]


Solar water heating has proven to be the most efficient and sustainable method of water heating. This is due to its energy being gathered from a free, reliable resource, the Sun. Solar thermal technology transforms […]

Air Source Heat Pumps

    Panasonic Panasonic Aquarea’s new air to water heat pump is cost effective and environmentally friendly; the system provides maximum efficiency and capacity even at -20°C, which will provide heat for your home and […]

Roth Products

We are the sole supplier in Ireland for Roth products. Roth is an international supplier of energy and sanitation systems. Roth are one of the largest suppliers of underfloor heating and solar thermal systems in […]

HiDew Dehumidifiers

AHAC have been supplying HiDew dehumidifiers since 2013. HiDew dehumidifiers can be used for radiant heating and cooling systems, swimming pools, industrial processes and controlled mechanical ventilation for comfort applications. Projects completed to date include swimming pools, food […]

Secespol Heat-Exchangers

AHAC have been supplying SECESPOL heat exchangers since 2009. SECESPOL is a Polish manufacturer of heat exchangers present on international markets for over 25 years. Numerous varieties of heat exchangers are currently available such as: […]

Heating Controls

Here at AHAC we recognise that every house/project is different. We commission control systems that are tailored for specific budgets and technological requirements. All systems are designed to give maximum efficiency to not only the […]

Pool and Spa Heating

Heat pumps are an ideal solution for swimming pool heating, providing an economic and energy efficient means of delivering constant pool water temperature throughout the year. Air source heat pumps are mainly suitable due to their […]

Bespoke Systems

Bespoke systems can cover a wide range of applications such as: residential commercial industrial new and existing dwellings milk pre–cooling cheese manufacture drying seaweed fish farms evaporating salt from the sea water Geobar Heat Recovery […]

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