Air Source Heat Pumps

An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is a system that uses outside air as its heat source. We supply ASHP’s from the following manufacturers:





Panasonic Aquarea’s new air to water heat pump is cost effective and environmentally friendly; the system provides maximum efficiency and capacity even at -20°C, which will provide heat for your home and hot water, but also give you the option to cool your home in summer with incredible performance.

Which Aquarea pump is best for me?

Aquarea HT

For a house with high temperature radiators (for example, cast iron radiators), the aquarea High temperature solution is probably the most adequate as Aquarea HT provides output water temperatures of 65°C even at -15°C. Aquarea HT is able to deliver 65°C with the heat pump alone.

Aquarea High Connectivity

For a house with low temperature radiators or floor heating, our high connectivity Aquarea heat pump is a good solution. This solution can work as a stand – alone unit or can be combined with a gas or oil boiler depending on requirements. This solution has the best ratio for heating capacity and efficiency.

Aquarea T-Tap

If the most important aspect is to keep nominal capacities even at temperatures of -7°C or -15°C. This ensures that there is always enough capacity to heat the house without help from an external boiler – even at extremely low temperatures.

Features of Aquarea pumps

  • A wide range from 5 to 16kW, single and three phase, mono bloc and bi – bloc.
  • 3 versions
    1. The standard heat pump
    2. High temperature heat pump (output water temperature of 65°C)
    3. The total capacity Heat pump even at – 15°C
  • High efficiency Heat Pump which operates at outside temperatures as low as – 20°C
  • Reduces energy costs with its COP of 4.8
  • Reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Provides cooling in summer
  • Highly flexible:
    1. Connects to an existing heating system
    2. Connects to solar panels

Panasonic Aquarea Downloads:

Aquerea Brochure 





Euronom has been at the front edge of development of efficient and operational safe heat pumps in Sweden since the company introduced the first air to water heat pump in 1977. The result of the development is a complete program of world-leading heat pumps for the Scandinavian Climate.

ExoAir is an air to water heat pump for private houses and small premises. The refrigerant used is R407C. The heat pump is delivered in a complete unit that only needs external connections for water and electricity. The control board remains in the house – not outside in the elements. The unit full fills current regulations for cooling equipment, electrical installations, pressure vessels and CE- marking.


Features of Euronom’s ExoAir pump

  • Generates heat at -25°C
  • Cost efficient heating.
  • Extra large vaporizer.
  • Robust Built Quality for Scandinavian Climate.
  • Epoxy coated heat-exchanger for anti – corrosion protection (Coastal/Salt/Air)
  • Two way condenser with double thermal length.
  • Fix speed scroll compressor for continuous performance.
  • The most silent unit on the market thanks to extra sound damping material and the specially designed fan.
  • Stainless steel components that withstand Nordic climate conditions
  • The combination of long experience and modern technique.
  • The third generation control system ensures cost savings.
  • Three models for different heating requirements
  • ExoAir is simple to install, maintain and operate.
  • Adjustable feet of stainless steel which gives a fast and simple installation.
  • Extra sound insulation on the inside of the compressor chamber for both low and high frequency sound waves.
  • Defrosting system to the Scandinavian climate through long development and many years of experience.


Euronom ExoAir brochure downloads:









Argo, reliable products for the comfort of the people, the result of an experience that began in 1929 and still continues with passion and enthusiasm, developing advanced technological solutions in several areas of renewable energy applied to air conditioning, heating and air treatment.

Features of ArgoClima Heat Pumps

  • Wide range from 5 to 16kW, single and three phase, mono bloc and bi – bloc.
  • High efficiency Heat Pump which operates at outside
  • Temperatures as low as – 20°C
  • Reduces energy costs with its COP of 4.6
  • Reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Provides cooling in summer
  • Highly flexible and can connect to an existing heating system

ArgoClima Downloads:

Argo Brochure 

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