Bespoke Systems

Bespoke systems can cover a wide range of applications such as:

  • residential
  • commercial
  • industrial
  • new and existing dwellings
  • milk pre–cooling
  • cheese manufacture
  • drying seaweed
  • fish farms
  • evaporating salt from the sea water
Our range of heat pumps encompasses the following source to delivery options:

Air to Water;  Ground to Water;  Water to Water;  Brine to Water;  Water to Air

Brine to Air;  Air to Air (split/mono bloc)

Sizes vary from 4.5kW to 400kW

Geobar Heat Recovery Solutions

In a typical bar, restaurant or hotel you are paying for cellar cooling which by definition whilst it cools, dumps the heat into the outside air. Meanwhile you are paying to use energy to heat your hot water supply or indeed for the heating of your building.

The pioneering GeoBar Heat recovery systems have been designed to provide highly efficient cooling whilst providing vast quantities of free hot water from its recovered waste heat. When installed in Cellars to operate as an alternative to traditional cellar cooling, for every €1.25 of electricity consumed by the heat pump €3.77 of cooling is provided and €5.03 of free hot water at 60 deg C is produced. For an average sized cellar up to 3000L of very hot water is recovered per day at no cost since the heat pump will only produce hot water when it is being asked to provide cooling.


GeoBar Heat Recovery
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